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La Camissa Negra
La Cancion Del Velero
La Chico
La Dong Keewun
La La Love On My Mind
La Llama
La Luna
La Maria
La Muchachita Cha Cha
La Vida Del Verano
Lady Of The Night
Lamtarra Rhumba
Language Of Love
Language Of The Heart
Larger Than Life
Last Cheater Waltz
Last Day
Last Day Of My Life
Last Man Standing
Last One Standing
Latin Crazy
Latin Lambada
Latin Lover
Lay Low
Lay Your Love On Me
Ldc Express
Lead Me On
Leave Me
Leave You Alone
Leave You Mark
Legend In My Heart
Legend's Waltz
Let Her Down Easy
Let It All Go
Let It Be
Let It Go (Dom Yates)
Let It Go (Robbie McGowan Hickie)
Let Me Go Home
Let Me Love You
Let Me Tell Ya
Let The Children Have A World
Let Your Love Flow
Let's Be Us Again
Let's Get Weird
Let's Go Little Darling
Let's Honky Tonk
Let's Make Love
Let's Protect Our Heart
Letter To Lucille
Life Is A Long Way To Run
Life's A Beach
Lifetime Waltzing With You
Lift Me Up
Light On
Like A Phoenix
Like A Star
Limbo Rock
Lindi Shuffle
Liquid Lunch Too
Listen To Your Heart
Little Miss Honky Tonk
Little Red Book
Little Runaway
Little Southern Girl
Live Forever
Live It Up
Live Your Dream (Revised)
Living Doll
Living In A Moment
Living To Love You
Lloro Por Ti
Lock All The Doors
Lonely Again
Lonely No More
Long Distance Love
Look For A Star
Look Good In Love
Lookin' Like Love
Looking Through Your Eyes
Lord & Master
Lord Of The Warriors
Losin' The Love
Losing My Head
Lost In Your Eyes
Louisiana Hot Sauce
Love , Love Me Do
Love Again
Love Doesn't Ask Why
Love Don't Run
Love Is Paradise
Love Like Yours
Love Love Love
Love Me A Little Bit Longer
Love Me For A Reason
Love Me Like You Do
Love Me Or Leave Me
Love Me Right
Love Me Tomorrow
Love Me Until You Die
Love On The Floor
Love On The Run
Love Rules
Love Struck (Revised)
Love Supply
Love Trouble
Love Vein
Love Won't Let Met
Love Won't Wait
Love Ya
Love You Because
Love You In A Barrel
Love You More
Loved Up
Lovely Xiao Wei
Lover Boy
Lover Come Back
Lovers' Hideaway
Lovers Prayer
Lovers- U Let Me Down
Lover's Waltz
Love's A Gas
Love's Calling
Loving U
Loving You!
Lucky Charm
Lucky Punch


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Mabel Waltz
Macarthur Park
Magatina Cha
Magic Cha Cha
Magic Touch
Make Believe
Make It Rain
Make Me Come Alive
Make My Day
Make This Day
Make You Believe
Make You Sweat
Making Love Out Of Nothing At All !
Maltese Waltz
Mama Jazz
Mambo Jive
Mambo No 5
Mambo Rock
Mamma Afrika
Man Chang Fei
Man In The Mirror
Man In The Moon
Man Of My Dreams
Man Without Love
Mariana Mambo
Marie's Wedding
Maroon Sugar
Mars Attack
Martini Moments
Mary Lou
Mas Alla
Material Girl
Maybe Moments
Maybe Not Tonight
Maybe Tomorrow (Geri Morrison) 
Maybe Tomorrow (Niels Poulsen and Malene Jakobsen) 
Mdm Cha Cha
Mea Culpa
Meet Me Halfway
Mega Mambo
Memory Lane
Memory Waltz
Memphis Chicks
Mercury Slide
Mess Around
Message In A Bottle
Mexican Girl
Mexico Bound
Mi Amor
Mi Dios Y Mi Cruz
Michael's Two Step
Midnight Blue
Midnight Waltz
Miles Between Us
Miller Magic
Millie's Tip
Million Dollar Bill
Mind Your Manners
Minute Waltz
Mio Mondo
Miss Grace
Missing You
Mixed Feeling
Mixed Up
MMM Yeah
Mockingbird Cha Cha
Mockingbird Waltz
Moments Of Heaven
Momma Mia
Mom's Good Looks
Moody Mambo
Moon Glow
Moon Time
Moonlight Bay
Moonlight Coaster
Moonlight Kiss
Moonlight Lady
More & More
More Tha I Can Say
Morning Has Broken
Mountain Of Love
Move Aside
Movin' & Groovin'
Movin' On 2002
Moving On
Must Be Something (aka Debe Haber Algo)
Mr Blue
Mr Mysterious
Mr President
Mr Vain
Mr Wonderful
Mucara Walk
Much Too Young
Muevelo Cha Cha
Murder My Heart
My # One
My Biscuit
My Everything
My Father & Me
My Father's Son
My First Love
My Guy
My Heart Is Broken Too
My Heart Is Your Heart
My Home
My Lady
My Light
My Little Runaway
My Love (Teresa Chen)
My Love (Niels B. Poulsen)
My Love For You
My Love Is True
My Mamacita
My Next Broken Heart
My Next Love
My Obsession
My One Desire
My Only Love
My Promiese
My Sleeping Child
My Spanish Love
My Story
My Valentine
My Veronica
My Year For Mexico
Mysterious Girl


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