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Walk Alone
Walk Back To Me
Walk Of Shame 
Walk On Air
Walk On By
Walk On!
Walk Right Back
Walk The Earth
Walk The Line
Walk With Me
Walkin' Shoes
Walkin' Wazi
Walking In The Rain
Walking On Air
Walking On Fire
Walking The Floor
Waltz Across Texas
Waltz Is The Key
Waltz Of The Angels
Waltz Of The Wind
Waltz To The Limit
Waltzing Maltida
Wanna Be Elvis
Wanna Be Me
Wasted Days
Wastn't That A Party
Watermelon Crawl
Wave On Wave
We Are One
We Are The Same
We Belong
We Dance For Your Heart
We Forgot To Dream
We Got Rhythm
We Just Go On
We Remain
We're Not Broken
West Texas Waltz
Westlife's Rose
What A Night
What About My Dreams
What Are Words
What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted
What Do You Know
What Happens On The Dance Floor
What Hurts The Most
What I Like About You
What If
What If I Said
What If We Fly
What Makes A Man
What Now
What The World Needs Now
What This Country Needs
What You Give Away
What You Mean (To Me)
What's Your Name
When A Man Loves A Woman
When I See You Smile
When I Was Yours
When I'm With You
When In Texas
When It's Over
When Love Walked In
When Love's Right
When Winter Comes
When You Lie Next To Me
When You Look At Me
When You Love Someone
When You Say My Name
When You Walked In
When Your Baby Ain't Around
When You're Around
Whenever You Come Back To Me
Where Have You Gone
Where We Belong
Where Were You
Where We've Been
Wherever You May Wander
Whirlwind Waltz
Whisky N Lies
Whispering Wind
Whiter Than White
Who Did You Call Darlin'
Who Else But You
Who I Am
Who U Love
Whole Again
Whole Lotta Peppas
Whoopsie Daisy
Who's That Girl
Why Do I Love You
Why Does It Rain
Why Not Tonight
Wicked Wish
Wig Wam Bam
Wild West Trip
Will You Be There For Me
Win The Race
Window Shopping
Windy City Waltz
Wings Of An Angel
Winter Sonata
Winter Waltz
Wish For You
Wish I
Wish I Knew
With These Eyes
Within You Remain
Without Fire
Without Wings
Without You (Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick )
Without You (Guillaume Richard)
Without You (Noel Castle)
Wom Bom Bom
Woman In Love
Woman To Woman
Wonder Train
Wonderful Spring
Won't Let Go
Won't You Stay
Word Up
Words To Believe
Wow Tokyo
Wrapped Around
Wright Or Wrong
Write This Down
Written In The Stars (Gary Lafferty)
Written In The Stars (Shaz Walton)
Written In The Wind (Colleen Archer)
Written In The Wind (Gary Lafferty)
Wrong Side Slide
WWW (aka World Wide Woman)




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